Attack in Paris!(13-14/11/2015, Αthens)

  1. Attack in Paris!


Inside the Theatre

the “play” lovers,

were comfortably, sitting,


side by side with the

invisible enemy!


The archons


by their gendarme…

their (les) agents de sécurité-,

were busy… enjoying

a Lucullus like, dinner,


by a variety

of alcool coûteux,

and a bunch of selected


Business were running

as usual!


Their beds, made

for dreamy nights of love

a questionable kind

of relaxation…

for their daily troubles!


The horrors …

forced upon the roturiers,

did not really matter!

After all, it is a routine

which cannot be helped!

This sort of staff easily

can be swept

‘under the carpet’!


The archons…

-well… one hopes

that they do have

great concerns!

They cannot afford

wasting  time!

Could  they engage

in “trivial” things?

The Theatre

fonctionnement possible-

a life component,

which keeps on feeding

its ‘lovers’

with the  parody of life!


The plethora of bars,

in the City of Light

– an absolute necessity!-

have a simple mission:

to generously, provide

lethargic portions of

alcohol, drugs

-soft or hard-

beyond imagination!

It is madness!


Merciless men

waited and watched

watched and waited …

until very late.

And it was ‘then!’

They were ready

to implement their assault

unveiling their hatred-

upon the unsuspected…

the Theatre Lovers!


“Death and Horror!”


Night –by its nature-


the criminal’s side!

Provides shelter

to any, unknown factor.

Reinforces the ‘talent’

behind the mask!

The night’s infamous

veil of darkness

can only be pierced

by a ‘cosmic light’!



This night

is as dark as tar!

This night appears

as normal as any other!



A handful shades

-they grow uneven!-

are moving slowly,

holding passionately

‘cutters of life’,

penetrate the darkness!


Fantômes at Allah’s  mission!

It doesn’t take long!

At a handful points of Paris,

within minutes

they act…and

-God have mercy!-

they succeed!..

La terrible discrète!


Mission accomplished!

It was delivered

by the long arm

of cold blood executioners!

Horror claims

it’s share of glory

as innocent  lives

(animaux abattus)

shed their blood

at the altar of… nonsense!


Ordinary people,

have taken

upon their shoulders

the task

to initiate the dance of Hades

in the name

of their own kind of justice…

of their own God! But…

there is only ONE GOD!


People gone within seconds!

The city’s archons,

freaked out!

So it was said…

They had to defend

their lack of awareness!

They announced their sorrow…

They’re talking about

reviewing their ‘policies’

adjust their act!..



Things were sticky!

What could they say or do?

So, they simply accused

‘the criminals…’  the

barbarian terrorists’!


But, people’s pain sustained…

Loved ones had gone,

leaving behind a trail

of devastated souls!

Happiness was killed

violently, there and then!

Don’t you really know

humans are granted

one life, only!


Parisians startled.

An immense tragedy!

Huge waste of life!

“Well yes…of course!”

Time will sort out

any confusion

but not their  enemies


for destruction

or loss of life!

Whom should they,

really accuse?

Whom should they,


It is frightening!


The city’s archons

were scared…

The Country’ s archons

were frightened!

Would they be accused?

Would they be prosecuted?

Would they be punished?

This had happened

in France… the land

of an admirable

revolution! In the past!..


ENEMIES… with capital


-a name only!

No one is really a suspect!

As death and hatred

growing by the minute

one question pops up:

Were the killers

the only  ones

to be blamed

for this hideous crime?

A “humongous” question

is hanging from the clouds

of wrath

the questions

the anger

the despair!


“What is going on?

in the West…

in the    East…

in   our World?

Why do these

poisonous   wasps

leave their beehives

spread and attack to kill,

the innocent of the West?”


“There is a hypothesis-answer:

‘the ‘bloody’ bees’

have a bloody reason,


The West and their…

keep on bombing

keep on killing

their friends, their family!

Aren’t they humans

as  the rest of us?



As strange

as it sounds

reflects the harsh reality

of the Middle East

as it has been created

by our “one and only”

civilized, Western World!


Each one of us,

knows the solution

to this problem.

All of us… except

the civilized,

Western world’s…


They are ‘unable

to understand,

to resolve this ‘plaque’!

Such a hypocrisy!

So… this story of hatred



It is certain

that one does not have

to be… genius

to understand

this ‘dirty game’ of chess…

It is common knowledge,

the chess pieces represent

a colossal dough! Foul play!

(13-14/11/2015, Αthens)





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