Don’t believe a word!

I’ve certainly heard this

many times before!

You see… time has not matured

for the Erinyes to start.

The night still soothes

the wave of anger…

You see…

the losses are still unknown,

and also

the men who get up at dawn

to go to work,

have not enough time to look over

their neighbours sorrows…

And the others   –who underarm

their brief cases paper full-

have not had their coffee as yet…

-having crossed their feet upon the surface,

of a -mirror like-  polished desk.


The ‘mandators’ advised us and

the statisticians  reported  in haste

their human percentages

–the so simple feed

of human sorrow into the computer!..

Some other important people ,

from Life Education,

underlined their concern for the West…

and its problems.

We all know them: alcohol, marijuana…

They tell us

–repeating themselves-

this time,

will set programmes

to educate

our children effectively.


The Government also has shown… an interest!

This commotion, is surprisingly sudden.

You see… Anna has died

while in “Ecstasis”!

She was a blossoming flower

like so many other youngsters,

who  had not enough time

to get to know life,

because death had cut them suddenly!


© by Pipina Elles

This poem is included in the book

of selected poetry:

Penelope’s Gaze , Sydney 1999

The poem (written in Sydney

on the 31 of October 1995),

is dedicated to Anna Wood

and all the young victims

of our cynical society.




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