“Godly Justice, Godly Jealousy…” a poem from my book of selected poetry titled: “EPIKAIRA” 2013-2017

Godly Justice

Godly Jealousy…

29 December 2013

It is true,

Apollo’s fires

light up our existence.

It is always the same…

although, our audacity angers him,

our behaviour frustrates him,

elements which push  him to hostility

towards humans!

However, he is also aware

of man’s good deeds.

When this happens,

he is pleased and rewarding

towards men.

He knows all about human behaviour

even earlier than Deucalion’s days.

He watches…

observes man’s deeds

at his very first steps,

when he was created

(by God!)

on the face of the earth.

The assumption that man

-as God’s creation-

was a complement to the  earth

was enough for the rest of the Gods

to accept man

as a magnificent creation

regardless his… vices!

However, it is obvious

that without Apollo’s


man would not  exist

on this planet!


Let us (the earthly beings)

remember this.

Let us emerge from our past

-always keep in mind

that famous cataclysm…

All this is written

in the old scripts.

There are descriptions

about the heavily impregnated

clouds, which

accompanied by striking lighting,

and deafening thunder…

had released enormous volume

of water

and let it to pour down…

-a big slap on the face of earth!

Always according to the scripts

this catastrophe  had to happen,

as to wash out

and purify the earth all over

from men’s accumulated filth!

After that humongous cataclysm

it was expected that things

would have changed.

How wrong can one be!


Maleficent has a strong hold

on humans.

But even so there

will always be a benefactor

a humane presence

the innocence of a child…

The beautiful nature

the elegance of the spring flowers…

the gorgeous moon

the playing stars

pinned on the dark velvet

of the sky…

There will always be

a poet… a writer… a philosopher

who will underline the dangers

derived from this dark side

of the earthlings…

Their creations -out of concern-

will benefit humanity

as a strong opponent

against hideous crimes!


Let us observe the people

who occupy the ‘hi back chairs’.

It is well known that they

have something in common,

their ‘greed’!

They invest in shaping

the societies

(they do have  the upper hand!)

they eternally run the show

by creating policies

upon policies

they enjoy high society

and profiteering!

It is well documented

this kind of people

seek influence, fame

power, riches  at any cost.


However simple people

may have a lot in common

their need to live in comfort

even when they  suffer

(under pressure applied)

by the previous lot!

And so it goes!


The poet,

leaves his bed

early in the morning

walks by the river,

or by the sea,

visits a beautiful park

or strolls through the idle


he talks to the people

or… the birds…

he loves dogs or cats

he likes helping

the elderly!

He needs the fresh air

he loves his freedom

and he can sort out

his thoughts.

He always carries new ideas

purposely avoids

the ‘colours’ or ‘smells’

of the policies or politics.

He would not bend his back

or be an accessory

of a political power.

He cares for anybody

who keeps on keeping

the ‘straight’ path

and refuses evil.

He is determined

to help anyone,

he humbles himself

he keeps in touch

with his fellow citizens.

He does not hesitate

to underline any bad habits

and tries to protect the individuals

from the society’s ‘mercenaries’.

It is known that together

with the ‘bloody banks’…

ran the show of  prejudice

and set up the underdogs

to not so good!


He keeps on the alarm of danger

warns about

the “leaches” of the society

which always  thirsty

suck the people’s  blood,

which is ploughed with

their “holy sweat”!

He insists that Almighty exists

and watches everything

on earth… or heaven…

He understands

of the people’s ordeals

he has the ability

to soften up the ill-fated men

and prevent a self-inflicted


He shares battered people’s


he pities the ones

lying on the dirty streets…

their surrender to a delusional sleep


in the city…

or under a bridge…

cold roof over their heads!


Shadows in their solace

can have a room

can have a  sofa!

Some are hanging

with curiosity

over their balconies

over their windows!


Others are blasted

by “friendly bombs”!

Others cannot carry on

been dehumanized…

they give up

at a road’s side

to meet (at last)

their ‘mean creator’!



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