Lakrymabunda Mater (A poem from my book of poetry, “NAKED SILENCE”, Poetry 2009)


Lakrymabunda Mater

You understand,

what does a MOTHER

who lost her child

in a warfare, feel?

Do you really believe

that her tears will ever dry up?

Certainly not, if her children

continue το perish

on the war altar

of the powerful!

The nations’ incompetency

has repeatedly prevailed:

They are unable to stop

the war crimes!

The societies tormented

by monstrous pressures…

the capital… its powers…

well masqueraded.

Misleading theories such as

Human Rights, Equal opportunities

endlessly pumped upon us.

Nothing but degraded terms

of manipulation

that people have no time

to understand!

The war machine

bills us with corpses

of innocent.

Make no mistake.

There are no answers!

Hideous reasons are invented

as to create wars

to eliminate the ‘human stock’.

They divide nations…

They tear their security up



Who invented this word anyway?

Watch for the ‘moneys’!

Watch for the ‘chairs’!


‘Oils… the oils have it’!..


11th of September…

A date to remember

as the ‘Apocalypse’

in the Middle East,

Iraq… Palestine…


‘Oils… the oils have it’!.. ’

I’d say!


We keep our eyes open

our minds, awake.

It’s impossible to isolate

and abort the evil

from our lives!


‘As a mother,

I refuse to bare children

as sacrifices to wicked wars

that serve the interests

of the powerful

of the wild, jungle like,

society, we live in!


I have no means

to fight this conspiracy

against humanity.

This is the only way

to keep my eyes dry…

to keep the sun shining

to warm my childless life’.


Sydney 30 August 2008


4 σκέψεις πάνω στὸ “Lakrymabunda Mater (A poem from my book of poetry, “NAKED SILENCE”, Poetry 2009)

  1. Kραυγή απόγνωσης ,απελπισίας το ποίημα σου Πιπίνα μου! Μιά κραυγή που πνίγεται στα χείλη μας ενώ καίει την καρδιά μας και τις ζωές μας!

    Μοῦ ἀρέσει

  2. Ναι Άννα μου… Μας έχουν αρρωστήσει με τους πολέμους οι Αμερικανοί και οι Δυτικοί υποστηρικτές τους. Πόλεμοι επίδηξης και επιβεβαίωσης υπεροχής στον έρημο τον Πλανήτη μας. Επόμενη κίνηση είναι ο ατομικός… με τρομακτικες συνέπειες και την διάσωση των ισχυρών μόνο! ζΔεν υπάρχει τρόπος να τους σταματήσει κανείς….

    Μοῦ ἀρέσει


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