Quo Vadis?

Five poems from my selected poetry as above…

1. Nobody wants our poems!”

26th of February 2000,
Sydney Morning Herald

Even so,
achievers exist,
as do
poetry lovers.
They are here
to stay,
as they keep
the beehives workshop
in a good niche .

The application
of a Veto
does not result
in a disappearing act ,
nor does it swallow
their existence…
It cannot change
their sense
of responsibility,
the permanently
vulnerable flock!
Fathering humans
is a mere responsibility.
Being able to read,
to listen to mutter,
and interpret
the human behavior,
does not make them
Simply, they are gifted
by the Muse!
Love towards life,
and concern
about humans,
a firing passion
that elevates the soul
to freedom’s sphere.
Only fate dictates
who of those imprisoned
within the human shell
will come out
of their crypt
and into enlightenment.

Horror, Misery,
all give birth to a reaction…
to poetry.
The zeal for the truth
-burning torch
inside the one’s
psychic labyrinth-
the blessed fruit,
of thought and words:
the Logos!

Diogenes’ search
has not become
a torch tale,
without a purpose.

A creator’s vision in spirit
strives to safeguard men!

Patronizing agents
wants your poetry”.
The brave choose
the steep path!
The fear
the promiscuous
The clowns
carry their cross
all alone.
The frozen smile
to the caricature!
The choked
the withdrawn
to the marionette.
He carries his agony,
he struggles
to the assigned
to enjoy
the final chapter,
The Catharsis!


2. My friend, the poet

My friend is a poet.
I cannot take him
His intelligence,
sensitivity, or humanity
are remarkable!

We take our coffee,
we read poems,
we listen
to each other’s
news, views
and reviews…
on newspapers
or books.

Through interaction…
we either agree
or disagree…
regarding the content
of newspapers,
where hideous articles
can make one angry!
Newspapers may
poison our lives,
pollute our environment,
perhaps permanently!
Their ‘agents’
certain of their talent
and our attention…
are bombarding us
with comments
on poverty…

is a matter of economics.
Mighty dollar
buys the lot:
-last, but not least-
to mislead the flock!

Let us read
between the lines,
and learn to interpret.
Then… analyze
the written word!

Time speeds,
stealing our time…
our lives…
This is difficult
for the ordinary men.
Is it bad
or men who have
no interest
in news,
views and reviews
are perhaps
the wise ones?

My friend-poet,
“limitation of time
“need to hurry!” says he…

“I feel the force of the time!
I must fulfill
the circle of maturity
as to be able to give
birth to my children:
thoughts, beliefs,
antithesis to actions
and… reactions…
I must give:

“σάρκα και οστά
στα πλάσματά μου!”
he adds.

“The burning fire
inside me
is my only hope!
Things change.
The world is

he concludes

My friend is a poet
who dreams
of miracles,
and never looses
He is positive,
believes in man
works for him,
he calls him
It is romantic
to believe
in magic!


3. “Kyrgie Eleison!..”

Hold me tight,
as to be able to search
for Utopia!

Don’t mind
the Sympligades,
or the Gorgon,
for they don’t matter!

They’re frightening
but… how do you know
if they’re not
of us, too!

Let us pray:
Kyrgie eleison mas!


4. Our faith… for the better!

The twin power
of our souls,
our faith
to Zoe…
charging us!

Let us try
to overcome
human deficiency,
become free,
leaving behind
the heavy
earthy shirt
to rejoice freedom,
fatherless captains
of our destiny,
the Argo!
Our existence,
by the twin sign
of Apollo and Dionysos-,
perpetually creates
our passion
for the song of eternity.

The purifying fire
that burns
within our hearts,
the cool water
that nourishes
our roots…
complete the circle
of our vows
for our well being.

cold head…
warm feet,
do not always
draw out our best!


5. Something has to do…

I can guess your thoughts…
“The wind… the waves
have to do
with all this!

In the sea-shore
I touched
the blue-orange
sea stars.
I waited
for the sign
on the horizon
just before
he was engulfed
in its burning

I watched you
the child,
his minor injury
with salty water.

“Nature’s iodine”
you whispered,
to the nature’s
healing ability!

Oh, how much
I love you!


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