1. Do not! 2.The Balloon!..

Poetry from my selected poetry under the title:  EPIKAIRA I

Copyright: Pipina D. Elles


1. Do not!

My friend…

I have news for you!

The Sun refuses

to come out

since humans decided

to replace his warmth

by lighting lots

of disastrous fires!

It is not just in Australia

-although it is phenomenal!

It happens annually

in the States…

in Greece…

and elsewhere!

Only that the world

is not quite interested

if they occur in countries

that are not as important!


I wonder if there is

a plot behind all these!

I already know a little

but I suspect a lot more!

So, don’t try to correct

my thoughts

or justify your curiosity!

Do not think, or say,  

that I am

as suspicious as

as the old person

who does not know,

more than…

how do his veggies grow…

in his little patch of garden

or how his chooks create

their lovely eggs,

just wondering around

cleaning a small number

of worms or other

unknown pests

or the food scraps…

-poor chickens-  

he throws after

he had finished

his dinner! 


2.The balloon!..


I saw the balloon raising!

I wandered… what on earth,

were you doing in it!

You were “brave” enough  

as to jump in its big basket

even if you have no idea 

how to handle, the damn thing!

The balloon is raising!

I can see you smiling at me!

Who’s, idea was this, anyway!

Are you coming back?




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