Our faith… for the better! plus

  1. Our faith… for the better!

The twin power

of our souls,

our faith to Zoe…

are charging us!

Let us try

to overcome

our human deficiency,

and become free,

leaving behind

the heavy earthy shirt

to rejoice freedom,

fatherless captains

of our destiny,

the Argo!

Our existence,

-marked by the twin sign

of Apollo and Dionysos-, 

perpetually creates  our passion

for the  song of eternity.

The purifying fire

that burns within our hearts,

the cool water

that nourishes our roots…

complete the circle

of our vows

for our well being.


cold head… warm feet,

do not always 

draw out our best!

2. Something has to do…

I can guess your thoughts…

“The wind… the waves

have to do with all this!

In the sea-shore

I touched the blue-orange

sea stars.

I waited for the sign

on the horizon

just before he was engulfed

in its burning silence. 

I watched you

embracing the child,

clean his minor injury

with salty water.

“Nature’s iodine”

 you whispered,

faithful to the nature’s

healing ability!

Oh, how much

I love you!


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