Two poems: 1. You were the Leader, 2.Children

1.You were the Leader

                           From my book of poetry

                           Quo Vadis, Sydney 2008


When I first met you,

I followed you

as a duckling, its mother.

You were the Leader!


When I first met you

the shallows

were playing

around you.

They were signing

happily away

as the sky was lit

by the new sun.

Had they followed you,



It was that moment

the Memory was drawn

from the depths

of my existence

bringing out the glory

of Truth,

crystal water

to quench my thirst…


It is of great


the blossomed

lemon tree

and even more ,

the blossoming

of the cherry tree!


I maintained

my opinion…

about you.


2. Children

Quo Vadis,

Sydney 2008


Give children

as little as

a smile

and they will


back at you.


Give them

your hand


they will

stretch out

to reach you.


Give them

your love


they will be

yours forever!



the blossoms

of today

are the citizens

of tomorrow.



A lot has to do

with the way

we treat them,

the love

we feed them with,

the elegance

we water them with…



These Little Flowers,

the most beautiful

in the World’s


are as fragrant

as the quality

of the ingredients t

hey have been fed

and looked after, with!



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