Merry-Fairy, from my book of sellected poetry: EPIKAIRA I (copyright: Pipina D. Elles)


              5th of January 2014

So many faces

as many grimaces

parade in the pages

of a highly circulate paper!

Oh… well

This kind of material sells well!


Women… Men…

Variety of faces…

Clothes of different styles!

Manly short in material

lot of holes every here or there

plus a huge variety of colours!

All soaring our attention…


I read… I hear…

are not enough males around,

as usual!

The girls panic!

Surely do not want to appear

single… single… single!

They try to keep their cool

remain calm and finally win

a man’s gaze…

Well yes! One will do!

It is hard to understand

what they go through

in order, to get a male!

Girls… girls!… please!

Control yourselves!

Respect yourselves

allow your hidden pride

to shine!

Do not let anyone find out

about your fears

or your inability to fish

a man! 

All you’ve got to do, is

to be natural…

For God’s sake women!

Be yourselves!

Dress sensibly…

Be nice and soft…

-never boyish… –

Stop using rough language

similar, to the one,

the ship workers use!

Unless if you have decided

to become a “street person”!

Stop depending, on your raw


Show your good manners

Remember to honour your sex

be real proud woman…

and voila!

You could steal the heart

of the man you desire!

It could be as easy… as that,

you know!


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