“My Strength!” a poem form my sellected poetry, titled: EPIKAIRA I / copyright: Pipina D.Elles

My Strength!


My strength related

to my state of mind,

the daily satisfaction!

However, things change

from better to worse!

Pleasures depart

and the vacuum left

appears to be taken over

by sear misery!


Living in this city

has become tough!

Journalists get paid

to make us believe

our society

became a mass

of mixed parasites!

Never indicate or blame

the source of the problem!

They go around accusing

person after person

without pinpointing

the obvious!



Absence of quality…

tired teachers…

tired students!

I’ d say No, to the totality

of computers…

television, smart phones! 

Good Teachers

creative educators

suitable “Books”

urgently are needed!  

There are ways  

the help children

to love books,

spend their time

at creative writing

drawing, creating

in different fields…


Family has little or none


and kids take advantage

of their lawful freedom…

resulting a variety

of problems!


Money on the other hand,

cannot solve all problems!

One cannot buy good manners

and plant them to the needy ones!

Neither can plant needed emotions…


Achievements, are the fruit

of hard work… as we all know!


Our society managed to abolish

the warmth between the family


and similarly, the educators!

I hear incredibly, hurtful things!

They make one, to want to escape

and never come back to this freaky


which governs our lives.

I… have stopped believing

in miracles!


As my time runs

I ask myself, if the archons

can correct a few of these


If willingness exists…

If will be any opportunity

for all these to change…

Who will dare and try to correct,

this rort!


I lost my willingness

to understand…

Happenings, make us feel lesser,


We feel lonely in the middle

of the large city,

within its senseless society!

There is no escape!

Our poor… poor… societies,

of our beautiful…

naked from real people,




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