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Mother’s Day! I like to wish… all Mothers, young and old… A VERY HAPPY AND MEMORABLE MOTHER’S DAY!

I was certainly hoping for a sunny day… here in Sydney… however this day can become bright and sunny with the shared love between Children and Mothers…

Loving Family is a great refuge… a therapist to many problems… Love is “panakeia” to solving most of them!

(By Pipina Elles from the volume of poetry PENELOPE’S GAZE, Sydney 1999)

Growing in a small place

life goes at a slow pace…

In Spring

I met my love.

We mached

like hand in glove…

Our sons

thunder and rain

blue skies and sun…

My life’s song

happy or sad

goes on.

No regrets

-if anything-

as I grow old!


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